Berghoff Oktoberfest in Chicago – ABC 7

Carlyn Berghoff shares the recipe for Berghoff’s famous apple strudel and discusses the upcoming 27th Annual Oktoberfest in Chicago celebration.

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Oktoberfest is Here!

It’s finally here!  All the time and effort we have spent preparing for Berghoff’s 26thAnnual Oktoberfest is about to pay off.  Today is the big day and I couldn’t be more excited.  Carlyn has so graciously invited me to the Opening Ceremonies, so my schedule for the day will […]

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Together with Mercy Home

As opposed as I am to serving my own kind, I had a blast last night serving dinner and hanging with my friends at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.  As I’ve said before, Mercy Home is our partner charity for Oktoberfest and together with […]

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