Homemade Holiday Gifts: Blueberry Infused Vodka

Who doesn’t love a good holiday cocktail?  Much less one that’s an original concoction with a festive red color.  So, in keeping with my homemade holiday gifts, this week I am making Infused Blueberry Vodka.  Because the infusion takes about 4 days and Christmas is a little over a week away, this is the […]

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How to cook a German holiday dinner – NBC Chicago

Carlyn Berghoff appears on NBC Chicago Channel 5 to share holiday recipes for the entire family.

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Homemade Holiday Gifts: Bavarian Apple Pancake Dry Mix

Believe it or not, but Christmas is just over two weeks away.  The pressure to find the perfect gift for friends and family is something that’s been weighing on my mind.  Rather than letting the stress weigh on my wallet, this holiday season I’ve decided to give homemade gifts that are creative, […]

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