About Our Cuisine

Lamb Chops

For more than a century, the Berghoff name has been synonymous with superb food, family tradition, and hospitality excellence. The Berghoff’s doors opened in 1898 serving free corned beef sandwiches with the purchase of a stein of Berghoff Beer.

Through the years, The Berghoff expanded into a full-service restaurant rich in German-American cuisine and culture. At today’s Berghoff, diners will find lighter and more contemporary dishes (including many that are certified gluten-free) along with treasured old world favorites. These delectable dishes make The Berghoff one of the top gluten-free restaurants in Chicago.

The 200-Mile Initiative

The Berghoff has operated with a “green attitude” for over 100 years. As Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group, we are dedicated to running a sustainable business, embracing environmental initiatives, providing the freshest ingredients and supporting the local economy.

From June through October, our menu focuses on the use of seasonal ingredients and produce purchased within a 200-mile radius of Chicago. Eating local supports a more sustainable food system, helps to keep family farms in business and provides a fresher and more nutritious food source.

Special Diets

We are happy to offer our customers a variety of special diet options. Food is made to be enjoyed no matter what your diet, which is why we take great care in creating a wide variety of delicious vegetarian, dairy-free and certified gluten-free dishes. Ask your server, speak to a manager, or look for icons marking specific menu items.

Food Allergies

If you have questions regarding a special food allergy/need you’d like answered in advance, we recommend you call 312.427.3170 and ask to speak to a Restaurant Manager.

If you have a food allergy, it is critical to identify yourself, so we can follow our internal procedure. If a server is unable to answer your questions, please ask to speak to a manager.

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Certified Gluten-Free

Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group is certified gluten-free by the Beyond Celiac 


glutenfree and cookbook Look for these special icons, which indicate dishes included in The Berghoff Family Cookbook and those which are certified gluten-free.

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