Happy Days Are Beer Again!

When someone mentions the Age of Prohibition, you probably think of the roaring 1920’s, with flappers and men in fedoras whispering code words through doors to gain access to underground speakeasies. While I love The Great Gatsby as much as the next person, a lesser-known fact is that while […]

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We Got Your Happy Hour Right Here!

Happy hours can be a great way for restaurants to increase business, or a good excuse to hit the bars (as if we needed another reason to get a drink after work). They used to not be so commonplace, however. In fact, in Illinois happy hour specials used to be […]

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Home for the Holidays

Why is that every article I see this season is titled some variation of: “Diet Busters: 10 High-Calorie Holiday Drinks” or “Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain”, and the list goes on? While all the dieticians and trainers out there are going to cringe, I’m just going to say it…who cares! It’s […]

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