Here at The Berghoff we love to mix it up with new events and activities to keep both our guests and their palettes entertained. We recently began an event called Flights & Bites at The Berghoff Bar, which was initiated as a way to celebrate Chicago Craft Beer Week in May. It was the ideal event because it allowed guests to celebrate the occasion while also treating themselves to what The Berghoff does best—our food! We intended Flights & Bites to be a one-and-done occurrence, however, after extremely positive feedback, we decided to make Flights & Bites a permanent fixture in our restaurant! Now, every third Thursday of the month is a Flights & Bites frenzy here at the Berghoff. For $15 tickets, guests partake in the hour-long event (with up to 24 attendees per session from 6-7 PM) filled with beer and food tastings. The event provides guests with five small bite pairings of The Berghoff’s classics, some of which include our Bavarian pretzel with Dusseldorf mustard, our Reuben sandwich, bratwursts, and more, along with five flights of the most popular Berghoff brews. Each beer is paired with a corresponding bite for an optimal taste combination. We also switch up the featured bites every session so that returning guests receive a fresh experience! Furthermore, a Berghoff beer representative is present the whole time, engaging guests in discussion about the different foods and beers, and why their flavors compliment one another so successfully.

In one of our recent Flights & Bites sessions, the desert bite we featured was a shooter of Beeramisu. This delicious treat is a play on tiramisu that alters the recipe to include beer. Quite the improvement, in our opinion! Another pro of our Beeramisu is that it is vegetarian. Most tiramisu recipes call for gelatin, which contains meat industry products. Our Beeramisu operates without these ingredients, instead using mascarpone cheese, allowing non meat-eaters to partake as well! For our Flights & Bites event, we coupled the Beeramisu with Berghoff Sir Dunkle Dark, a brew that has notes of bread crust or toast in the aroma and light sweetness on the palate from Munich malt. Tiramisu is traditionally a flavorful but fairly light dessert, utilizing Lady Finger biscuits in the layers. The Lady Finger biscuits and Dunkel flavors pair up perfectly and the light body of the beer does not overwhelm the delicate dessert. Sprinkle cocoa or add a cinnamon stick on top for garnish, and you can go ahead and call yourself a pastry chef!

Beeramisu is absolutely delicious, so it was no surprise when, after Flights & Bites, we received a very enthusiastic crowd reaction to this sweet treat! As a result, we decided to share this recipe with our customers…enjoy!

Beeramisu (Yields 10)


  • 2 whole eggs, separated
  • 1 ¾ oz. sugar
  • ½ C whipping cream
  • 5 oz. mascarpone
  • ½ C stout beer
  • 4 tbs. Kahlua
  • 4 tbs. espresso coffee
  • 5 Lady Fingers
  • Cocoa powder (for garnish)


Beat egg yolk and sugar until pale and thick.

Whip heavy cream in separate bowl.

In another bowl, whisk egg whites until soft peaks form.

Add mascarpone to egg yolk mixture and beat gently.

Fold the whipped cream, 2 tbs. Kahlua, ½ C stout, and 2 tbs. espresso gently.

Mix the remaining beer, Khlua, and espresso together and set aside.

Soak the Lady Fingers in the beer mixture, and break into small pieces.

Using a pastry bag and open tip, pipe a small amount of Beeramisu into a shooter glass.

Then, layer ingredients twice in the following order: Lady Fingers, pinch of cocoa powder, Beeramisu (resulting in two layers of Lady Fingers and three of Beeramisu)

Be sure to check out information on our upcoming Flights & Bites event Thursday, August 21.