Who doesn’t love a good holiday cocktail?  Much less one that’s an original concoction with a festive red color.  So, in keeping with my homemade holiday gifts, this week I am making Infused Blueberry Vodka.  Because the infusion takes about 4 days and Christmas is a little over a week away, this is the perfect time to make it.  Personally I like to make my own personal labels that say “From Carlyn’s Kitchen”, or anything creative that shows uniqueness and thought towards the recipient.  I then use the same bottle the vodka came in and place my decorative label over the original one.  This gift is easy, inexpensive, festive, and sure to please your friends and family this holiday.  Cheers!

Blueberry Vodka


  • 1 liter of medium-grade vodka*
  • 1 pint blueberries, washed and well-drained
  • 1 2-quart clean jar with lid


Place whole blueberries in the bottom of the jar. (Crushed berries will make the finished vodka cloudy.)

Pour in the liter of vodka. Seal the jar and store in a cool, dark place for four days.

Strain the infused vodka through a paper coffee filter-lined cleaned funnel back into the original vodka bottle. Strain the infused vodka into a clean, and decorative 1-liter bottle of your choice, or use the original vodka bottle and put your own decorative label over the existing label.

Store the infused vodka in the refrigerator to keep the color and flavor bright.


There’s no need to use premium vodka, but use a good medium grade; otherwise the flavor of the vodka may be harsh.