With Thanksgiving one day away, it’s time for that final checklist.  Today is the day for all those last minute to-dos.  Thankfully the planner in me has paid off and my stress level is low.  The guest list is complete, the menu has been planned, and my dining room is ready and waiting!  With my children home from school, it’s the perfect day to complete that final list.

4th Week of November

  • Turkey Preparation: If you have a fresh turkey then you are already half way there, if you bought a frozen turkey though you should be defrosting it.  Most turkeys take at least a week to defrost fully.
  • Last Minute Grocery Shopping: I like to wait till the last few days to purchase the fresh items I will need to make the big feast.
  • House Preparation: I’ve put my kids to work cleaning and decorating the house, in an effort to prepare for our guests tomorrow.
  • Food Preparation: Any dishes that can be made ahead of time, today is the day to do it.  Cranberry sauce, Stuffing, Pies, etc.

Personally I like to make my stuffing outside of the bird, because then you can make it ahead of time and throw it in the oven the day of.  If you are worried about it drying out, I simply add a bit of chicken stock to keep it moist.  Another one of my favorite tricks is to make my apple pie the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It freezes easily, and then bakes the day of.

  • Scheduling: Like any event I throw, I like to make a schedule for the day of Thanksgiving.  What time will I put the turkey in the oven, what time will the guests arrive, what time will we sit down, when to put what in the oven, etc.

Hopefully you’re thanksgiving is full of friends, family, delicious food and hassle-free. From my table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!  Cheers.