If you’re anything like me, holidays in general tend to not only sneak up on you, but you are usually the one hosting them.  Thus is the exact case of this year’s Thanksgiving. With thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away, I figured now was the perfect time for sharing my hints for a hassle free holiday meal.  With a little preparation and planning turkey day can be a breeze that the whole family will enjoy!

Most holidays, including Thanksgiving, tend to fall near the end of the month.  Thus I like to break my duties up into weekly checklists.  Since we are two weeks into November, I thought I’d share the first two checklists to help you see just how easy it can be.

1st Week of November

  • Create your invite list: Begin your Thanksgiving Day guest count.
  • Plan your menu:  Are you going to do a buffet-style, sit down dinner, or asking guests to bring dishes to pass?  Take all these things into consideration when planning the menu, and make sure to inform guests of their responsibilities.  This is also the time to test any new recipes you may want to serve.
  • Turkey choice: Will you order fresh turkey or purchase a frozen one?  Take your guest count into account.

2nd Week of November

  • Inventory: Make note of your supplies – china, silver, glass wear, linens, tables, chairs, etc.  Do you have enough, or should you order more?  Make sure to stock up so you’re not scrambling last minute.  Create a shopping list of missing items you will need to purchase.
  • Floor Plan: Decide now where you will put extra tables, the bar station, the flow of the buffet (if that’s what you choose), where to put coats, shoes, and purses, etc.

As with all my checklists, I like to compile and complete my weekly Thanksgiving ones on my weekends.  Because Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday, this means my last checklist will be almost a week before the big day, creating the most stress-free holiday and hassle-free meal.  Stay tuned for next week’s list…