My family may be growing older, but we never fail to carve some fun and fall into our home around Halloween.  One of our favorite traditions is throwing our own pumpkin carving party.  Holidays are the perfect excuse to throw a party!  Having a pumpkin carving party is the perfect Halloween tradition that can be enjoyed by simply your family, or on a larger scale too.  There are some simple guidelines to follow to throw the perfect pumpkin carving party.

It’s all about the timing: Carved pumpkins last at most one week until they start to rot.  For that reason we get our pumpkins early, but keep them in the garage until it’s time to carve.

Easy cleanup is key: I like to carve our pumpkins on our screened-in porch because it allows for easy cleanup.  Covering the table with a plastic tablecloth (that can be thrown in the washing machine after), having a trash nearby, and plenty of bowls for seeds, makes cleanup much easier.

Pumpkin treats all around: Serving pumpkin and fall treats is a must.  Our family favorites include Gluten-free Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes, pumpkin soup, and apple cider.  Don’t forget to save the seeds to bake and enjoy for later in the day.

Carve and display: Once the pumpkins are carved we put a tealight inside them, and display on our front porch.

With these tips in mind, throwing your own pumpkin carving party can be fun, simple, and memorable.  Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to capture the memories and creativity through the years.  Cheers!