Let me begin this post by saying while I am all up for breaking records and supporting a good cause, I do not support eating my own kind.  Personal feelings aside, I wanted to let you all in on an exciting new addition to this year’s Oktoberfest.

Thursday, September 15th, between 3-4pm, The Berghoff will attempt to break the Midwest record to the longest brat and unveil a 45 foot brat.  Together with Highland Bakery, Schmeisser’s Meats and Sausage, and Halls Rental; Berghoff will go where no brat has gone before.  Bites of the brat will be sold as a fundraiser for Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.

In preparation for this amazing feat, Carlyn has so kindly posted the recipe for The Perfect Brat (and no, it is not named after me).  But don’t eat too many before the big day, save that appetite for bites of the 45 foot brat.


Herman Der German