Chicago is having a difficult time deciding whether it’s officially summer yet.  The rain, storms, and lower than normal temperatures are leading us to believe it’s still spring.  But it’s not…it’s the middle of June already and therefore I am deciding that if we drink like it’s summer, it may just come!

I always say, every good party starts with a drink.  The same is true for any good summer event; whether it be lounging in our own backyard or meeting friends at the beach…it’s just better when sipping a cool summer drink.  My personal family favorite, as well as a classic Berghoff drink is Cucumber Lemonade.  It’s a simple recipe with ingredients that I can easily find at my local farmer’s market and garnished with mint from my herb garden.  Part of the reason I love summer drinks are because most begin as nonalcoholic that can be enjoyed by all, or easily transformed into adult beverages by substituting a liquor of your choice for part of the water.

I encourage you to find your own family favorite drink this summer.  Have it readily available in your fridge for that hot summer afternoon or the impromptu backyard barbeque with friends.  Cheers!