June is here and that means it’s time to kick off our 200-Mile Initiative at the Berghoff.  What began last year as part of our century long commitment to providing the freshest ingredients and supporting the local economy, we are proudly bringing back yet another year.  From the month of June through October, our menu will be developed primarily from seasonal ingredients and produce purchased from local farmers.  The ingredients on our menus come from two different farms, one in Michigan and the other in Wisconsin.  The dishes are based off of what produce is in season at the time.

My favorite part of the 200-Mile Initiative is that you can still enjoy comfort foods, while reducing your global footprint.  Our menus are filled with drinks and dishes such as Basil Julep and Lyonnaise Potatoes.  The Berghoff has operated with a green attitude for over 112 years and we continue to do so today with things such as this.  The benefits of eating locally are endless.  Not only does it help create a more sustainable food system by keeping family farms in business, but in my opinion, the personal health benefits are reason enough.  Local foods are fresher, natural, and more nutritious because crops are handled less, which assures a higher quality product.  Supporting local business and putting fresh and healthy ingredients into our bodies is what makes it all worth it!  Cheers to a summer filled with good food, drink, supporting local farms, and helping to reduce our global footprint.