It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of March and April is upon us.  The month of April brings many things to the great city of Chicago, including, showers (bringing May flowers and hopefully warmer weather), the beginning of baseball season, and the anniversary of the end of Prohibition.  Because Berghoff is founded on history and tradition, I love a good opportunity for a little history lesson.

My great grandfather, Herman Berghoff, opened the Berghoff Café in 1898 as a mode to sell his Berghoff Dortmunder Beer as well as his own label of blended whisky. Customers who purchased a Berghoff Beer (both light and dark) at five cents a glass and ten cents a stein received a free sandwich.  So when Prohibition became law in January 1920 and banned the sale, transportation, and manufacture of alcohol in America, great grandfather Herman had to come up with something new in order to stay in business. Thus he began brewing soda drinks such as the still popular Berghoff Root Beer, and expanded the Café into a full-service restaurant.  Then in 1933, when Prohibition ended, Herman secured the first two liquor licenses issued by the City of Chicago; the first for his bar and the second for the restaurant.  Since then Berghoff has continued to serve Berghoff Beer, Berghoff Root Beer, and many delicious beer inspired dishes such as Berghoff Beer-Braised Brisket, Berghoff Beer Bread, Beer-Braised Pork Loin, and many many others!

The original licenses are proudly displayed in the Berghoff Bar today and are constant reminders for me, of the great entrepreneurial skills my great grandfather Herman held. April 7th marks the Anniversary of the End of Prohibition as well as celebrates Berghoff as the Home of Chicago’s #1 Liquor License.  In honor of these things, Berghoff will be having a 1933 Throwback Menu as well as $3 Seasonal Steins for the month of April.   I invite you to come on into the Berghoff Restaurant (or Bar), enjoy some of our classic throwbacks, and raise your glass in honor of our right to beer.  Cheers!