The title of this post is a phrase borrowed from my good friend, Jennifer Connelly, of the Triple W Forum. The term “balance” is often tossed around in the same vane, though in our culture that is rarely possible, nor desirable. Work that you love, that you can make your own, professional and personal wellness together, integration… that’s the goal.

I am fortunate that my personal and professional goals can often be intermixed. Cooking in a kitchen at home or a kitchen serving over 500 hungry Chicagoans a day can be more intertwined than you think. I’ve changed my home pantry to reflect my daughter’s new diet, but I’ve also changed the Berghoff’s stock room. Get ready for the trumpets (because this has been months in the making)…. The Berghoff Restaurant is now featuring gluten-free, celiac-friendly menu items!

I could not be more proud of my staff and culinary team for making this possible. It’s not easy to keep a 112 year institution modern, but our team has done it. Give some of our new dishes a try; you’ll be surprised how good gluten-free can be.