New Year’s represents a time of year when people are most optimistic and hopeful for the future. We resolve to make changes for the better in our lives, embarking on new chapters and fresh starts. For this reason, New Year’s also marks the commencement of one of our favorite times of year here at The Berghoff: engagement season. From now until Valentine’s Day, love is ripe in the air, so in honor of the many newly betrotheds, I decided to dedicate this edition of Carlyn’s Corner to all things engagement.

For many people, relationships seem to culminate in the proposal. It is a time where things transition one way or another, and for this reason, people tend to put a lot of weight on the moment. My advice is to avoid pressuring it! Let it unfold naturally, and most importantly, go with your gut. Be it highly planned or fairly spontaneous, proposed by the future bride or groom, or performed publicly or in private, some general advice is this: be confident, think of a place or format that is significant to you as a couple, and in case of the pre-proposal jitters, just remember that this is the person you know and love, and whatever is meant to be will be!

Now that I’ve covered the nerves surrounding engagement season, I’d like to talk about some of the more fun facts about getting hitched. If you are considering popping the question but are afraid of completely catching your partner off guard, it might be wise to think again. According to a poll by David’s Bridal, 57 % of brides were not surprised when their partner proposed. So if you have been thinking it is about the time in your relationship to potentially take things to the next level, there is a good chance your partner has been thinking the same!

Another fact I found both interesting and romantic was the root of the engagement ring. The practice of using a ring to solidify engagement can be traced back as far as Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the fourth finger of the left hand—traditionally the ring finger—contained a vein directly connected to the heart! As a result, that location became symbolic of love, and the rest is history.

While planning a wedding can seem a daunting task, don’t stress! The average couple is engaged for 14.7 months, so feel free to take your time in planning the big day. Catering and event planning companies like our team at Berghoff Catering will be there for you every step of the way, keen to make your wedding day the one of your dreams—and your budget!

Wedding advice sites like TheKnot are also very informative about all things bridal when you are feeling lost. The important thing to remember about planning a wedding is that—regardless of how endless your to-do list may seem—this period of engagement is also really fun. Soak it up!

This post is dedicated to our Special Events Manager, Mary and our Events Producer, Nicole. Mary is recently engaged and due to be married this coming October and Nicole will be married this coming July…Congrats Mary & Nicole!