When you hear the name Berghoff, what do you think of? History, Weiner Schnitzel, #1 Liquor License? And beer, of course beer!

Berghoff’s roots are founded in beer. In 1882, Herman Berghoff purchased the East End Bottling Work in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which later became the Herman Berghoff Brewing Company. And of course in 1898 when Herman opened the Berghoff Café, Berghoff Beer was advertised at five cents a glass and ten cents a stein, with a free sandwich of course.

Since then Berghoff Beer has gone through a few transitions. The Berghoff family sold the brewery in 1954 to the Falstaff Brewing Company of St. Louis. The beer was later sold to the Joseph Huber Brewery and today The Berghoff Brewing Company continues to sell the high quality brew.

In the words of Berghoff Brewery “Berghoff beer will continue to evolve as trends change but will always maintain its roots as an authentic German style brew whose history and tradition will never be forgotten”.

What better time to celebrate this classic brew and long lasting tradition, then during Chicago Craft Beer Week, happening May 15-25. The ten days filled with great local craft beer and beer lovers happens to coincide with American Craft Beer Week. In honor of all these things Berghoff is not only offering $4 Summer Solstice steins, but also hosting a wonderful event called “Flights & Bites”.

We had our first round of Flights & Bites last night in the Bar and are excited to celebrate again this Tuesday, May 20th at 7pm. Guest enjoyed a flight of Berghoff Beer and five small bite pairings. The menu included

  • Beet Bruschetta , served with arugula slaw and Berghoff Dortwunder Lager vinaigrette
  • Mussels in Berghoff Straight-Up-Hefe-Weizen, over späetzle with sautéed spinach
  • Bavarian Pretzel served with Berghoff Summer Solstice grain mustard
  • Berghoff Reppin’ Red Ale Braised Onion Brat, served on Berghoff Rye
  • Beeramisu with Berghoff Sir Dunkle Dark

As an added surprise guests enjoyed a sample of Berghoff’s latest Stock Ale (10% ABV).  A night of education, good food, and of course good beer was had by all!

If you are interested in joining our Tuesday night event, tickets are $10 and can be purchased by clicking here.


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