As you may know, my daughter Sarah and I have just published a gluten-free cookbook, “Cooking For Your Gluten-Free Teen: Everyday Foods the Whole Family Will Love.”  It’s been a real journey for us both, and one that continues.  Just one part to this huge journey is the creation of our new blog – Gluten-Free Family Food.  While blogging is nothing new for me, having an dedicated gluten-free food blog is a whole new world.  In honor of the cookbook release and the fact that May is National Celiac Awareness Month, I wanted to share one of my latest blog posts with you – the readers of Carlyn’s Corner.  I encourage you to read, subscribe, comment, and inspire me – we want to hear your voice!

May is National Celiac Awareness Month.   According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, an estimated 1 in 141 Americans has celiac disease, yet 83% of those who have it are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.  The statistics are frightening and much like many other things (autism and a variety of auto-immune diseases for example) are increasing daily.

freesoapboximageWe can ask WHY all day long till we’re blue in the face, but where does that get us?  Nowhere.  Instead let’s ask WHAT we can do to help.  The options are endless.  I’ll step down from my soap box and let you chime in now.  What are you doing to help bring awareness to Celiac Disease?

One of my favorite “tell it how it is” bloggers, Gluten Dude as he so appropriately calls himself tells readers what it’s really like to live with Celiac Disease.  He writes about the truth of being gluten-free, fighting those that think it’s just a trend, and how celebrities and brand names exploit it.  Above all else he brings awareness to Celiac Disease and doesn’t take you know what from anyone.

His recent posts in honor of National Celiac Awareness month have really got me thinking.  What am I doing to help bring awareness to Celiac Disease?

As a mother of a daughter with Celiac Disease, and someone that runs a gluten-free household, I’d like to think I’m pretty aware of what it means to be gluten-free.  I’d like to think that I think of celiac disease all year long, not just the month of May.  I’ve transformed Berghoff Catering & Restaurant Group into a safe environment and option for those that are gluten-free and recently released a gluten-free cookbook.  I’m donating 40% of the cookbook proceeds to the University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center for the month of May to help find a cure.  I travel around Chicago (and someday hopefully the country) promoting and educating people on how to eat, cook, and live gluten-free.


But what else?  What else can I do to help bring awareness to Celiac Disease?  Please, inspire me!  Tell me what you are doing to help bring awareness and then give yourself a big hug for me.  Celiac awareness has come a long way in the last few years and without advocates such yourself that would have never been possible.