As our Oktoberfest celebration inside the Restaurant quickly comes to a close, I find myself reflecting back on the festivities.  What went well, what I would change, how can we implement what my team learned from their time in Munich, etc?  Oktoberfest is something we have been doing at The Berghoff for 27 years now.  It has changed and grown throughout this time, but as with anything you do, it can always be different and better!

And so I turn to my team for their thoughts, suggestions, and most importantly their experiences at the true Oktoberfest in Munich.  While our celebration is nowhere near the scale that Munich’s is, I would love to adapt some of their traditions and ideas for next year.  As Tim, my Manager said “it was a sight to be seen, there’s nothing to compare it to…7 million people in 2 weeks”.  Well let’s try!  Oktoberfest is something that brings everyone together, it is a reason for friends and family to join one another in costume, song, eating, drinking, and each other’s company.

We have already adapted many of the same traditions: the opening ceremonies, the tapping of the keg, we used to do a grand parade back when we could close down the streets, flowers, a prince and princess, music, drinking and of course eating.   But why not make it more?  In Munich everything is done as a community group.  And so for next year I would love to turn our Century Room into a Beer Hall.  We envision long tables that groups would rent in advance, live German bands, dancing on tables, and breaking out in German beer drinking songs.  Okay well we can dream.   My hope is if you create the atmosphere, your guests will truly get into character!  We succeeded with having a month long celebration inside the Restaurant this year and we hope to only make it better next year.  As far as outside at the Fest, I would love to see more colors.  More flowers, blue and white everywhere, people walking around selling candy, pretzels, merchandise, etc.

Make sure to check back next year as we continue to grow our Oktoberfest celebrations and truly incorporate more of Munich’s traditions and excitement.  Well this year’s Oktoberfest has been wonderful, it is time to say farewell.  Onto our next busiest time of the year…holidays!  Prost!