Herman here…just letting you all know that today’s the day, today’s the day!  I’m so excited I can barely keep my bun on.  So many people to see, and so much to do, but first and most importantly so many people to THANK.

I wanted to begin with our sponsors, without them our fest would not be possible!  Each organization plays a key role and I am so thankful for every single one of them.  Chicago would be a very hungry and more importantly thirsty city with out you!  And so thank you thank you to:

Berghoff Oktoberfest

And now onto the bands…personally my favorite part of Oktoberfest.  I love the beer, but was never one for eating brats, so the music each day and night is what really gets my party started!  I’ve got my dancing shoes on and am ready to rock the plaza with our amazing bands!

  • Johnny Wagner Band – Daily 11:45 am – 2pm
  • Wedding Banded – Wednesday 5 – 9pm
  • Maggie Speaks – Thursday 5 – 9pm
  • Modern Day Romeos – Friday 5 – 9pm

Can’t wait to see everyone today, tomorrow, and Friday.  Come hungry, thirsty, and ready to party!  Prost!

Berghoff Oktoberfest