Alright here’s the deal…I’m not usually much of a complainer, but seriously people it’s hot inside this bun of mine. I can only hope the weather stays this nice for the actual fest in less than two weeks…eeek! I’ve been all over town handing out coupons, flyers, and even some FREE mini brats! I know it’s wrong to promote the eating of my own kind, but people just go crazy over them. “SPOT” me and be entered to win a variety of prizes including: A VIP Party for five friends at Oktoberfest, gift certificates, and more.

Herman, the Berghoff Brat, on The Ledge at SkyDeck Chicago

It’s so easy too.

  1. Follow us on Twitter @BerghoffChicago and friend us on Facebook under BerghoffChicago for daily clues to my next location.
  2. Snap a picture of me, upload it to your account, and tag me, Herman der German.
  3. You’re automatically entered into a drawing for all the awesome prizes.

You can’t miss me people…I’m a huge, walking, bratwurst, constantly surrounded by my fans. If you book your party with Berghoff, I may even make a guest appearance so bring those cameras and I’ll bring the sharpie for autographs!

Herman, the Berghoff Brat, at Wrigley Field