Happy  Friday….Herman here!

Trivia question for all you Oktoberfest brainiacs out there: Oktoberfest began as a celebration for what?

Ding, ding, ding: As a celebration for Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese of Bavaria in 1810.


Now that was a long time ago!  In honor of Oktoberfest’s origin, this year Berghoff is bringing it back to how it all began…with a contest where one lucky couple will be crowned the Prince & Princess of our Oktoberfest.  Not only do they win the title, but they also win a free rehearsal dinner at the Berghoff.  Now that’s a prize if I’ve ever seen one!

After a week of submissions, we’ve narrowed it down to 9 couples.  Each has a tale filled with Berghoff memories, German themed weddings, creative engagements, and many other inspiring stories. Drum roll please…..and the nominees are:

  • Beth & Eric
  • Michelle & Anne
  • Mary & Jedd
  • Jeremy & Lisa
  • Mary & Ken
  • Mike & Kara
  • Marah & Andrew
  • Arnell & Katie
  • Michelle & Ben

It is now up to you, the public to vote and decide who should be crowned the Prince & Princess of Oktoberfest.  Voting runs through September 14 and the winners will be crowned live at Oktoberfest.  I can’t wait…now go rock the vote (isn’t that what they say over here?)!