Last night’s snowfall left my kids hoping for a snow day, and my stomach hoping for a warm winter dish.  The winter storm has been a long time coming, and just a preview of the damp, cold winter nights that lay ahead.  Nights like these are my favorite time to make those delicious winter dishes that provide comfort and warmth.  One of my family’s favorite winter dishes is Chili Con Carne.  What started back in 1893 with my great-grandfather, Herman Berghoff, continues to be one of the Restaurant’s and my family’s favorites.

Winter comfort food is about the flavor and memories it evokes when the aroma fills the house.  In the Restaurant we serve the chili with beef atop the nachos.  At home, I serve the chili with turkey instead of beef, and make a gluten-free version by substituting water for the beer or by using a gluten-free beer.  It’s one of those dishes I always seem to serve when having guests over, because it’s easy, delicious, healthy, and goes a long way!  For me the smell of chili reminds me of wintertime, family and friends, and past Berghoff generations.  What’s your favorite winter dish?