The final countdown to Christmas has begun.  I’ve given the gift of sweet traditions, festive cocktails, and now it’s time for the gift of inspiration.  I continue to give this gift, as in years past, simply because it’s one of my favorite year round recipes!  I take my recipe for Tequila Marinade Plank Grilled Salmon and present it to my friends and family, along with the wooden plank.  The gift is not only delicious, but also a challenge to my recipients’ to expand their culinary horizons and utilize the plank for either this or other recipes.

The key to grilling with a plank is to find an untreated, cedar wood plank.  It should always be soaked in water for at least an hour before going on the grill.  The result is an amazing, smoky flavor added to whatever is on the plank.  Giving the gift of inspiration and creativity means the options are endless and the stomachs are always satisfied.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.  Cheers!