I love being able to say that I live and work in the greatest city there is!  We truly have it all in the windy city; great theater, amazing restaurants, fascinating museums, deep rooted history, winning sports teams (sometimes), and hard working, mid-western people.  The Berghoff family planted their roots in Chicago well over a century ago. Our business really began in 1893 with my great grandfather, Herman Berghoff, selling his beer outside of Chicago’s World Fair.  From there he grew his business, and I am proud to continue that legacy today!

Last week I was given the chance to tell my story and show my appreciation for our great city as a guest moderator in the Broadway Musical, Working.  The opportunity was a chance to honor some of my own “working heroes” through an onstage discussion with the audience about how we make a difference in Chicago.  The discussion/question & answer session took place following the play and was a casual and entertaining celebration of everyday working people in Chicago.  Another plus…a portion of ticket proceeds went towards one of my favorite organizations, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls.  I truly recommend it to anyone looking for a great “Chicago Musical”!

The Show couldn’t have happened at a better time, as the Berghoff is celebrating our roots with the World Fair for the month of May.  Because of my great grandfather’s relentless work ethic, Berghoff is what it is today.  As a fun tribute to the Fair, our drink special for May is Devil in the White City.  I could think of no better way to commemorate Berghoff’s history and my great grandfather’s work then by participating in a Broadway show that honors working people in Chicago.  Cheers to the city of Chicago and all the workers that make it what is!