I anxiously await every holiday as just another reason to entertain. Entertaining in your home is one of the truest forms of hospitality. It’s an extension of your time, your home, your food and your attention. So have fun with it! Express your unique individuality and style. My favorite way of doing this is through a theme, and holidays give us the best opportunity for a themed party.

This Halloween wow your guests with this terrifyingly delicious and simple Halloween boo­-fet.

Horrors d’Oeuvre

Deviled Eggs

With Mayonnaise, Horseradish, Sweet Pickle and Black Pepper

Monster Mashed Potatoes

Swirled, mashed Russet, Purple and Sweet Potato with Broccoli

Broomstick Breadsticks

Seasoned with Garlic Butter


Main Dish

Bat Wings

Ginger and Teriyaki-Glazed Wings (psst, it’s actually chicken)

“Soul” Filets

Filet of Sole paired with a light Lemon-Butter Sauce


Served with Marinara or Meat Sauce


Devilish Desserts

Graveyard Cups

Chocolate Pudding and crushed Chocolate Cookies, garnished with “Ghoul” Whip and Gummy Worms


With Espresso, Ladyfingers, Mascarpone Cheese and Cocoa Powder